Welcome to my Blog!


Hi! I am so excited to finally had the courage and time to create a Blog. One of the main reasons why I wanted to do this is because as you all may know I create beauty photos and videos for my Instagram @HELLOFRITZIE and Youtube Fritzie’s Youtube and on top of that, I do receive tons of beauty products from companies to review but sometimes I don’t have the time to film every products that comes my way even though I test out most of the products that I receive. I think this would be a great idea to showcase those products that I can’t turn into video tutorials just yet. There are so many amazing and some what okay products out there and I want to be able to show you my honest reviews on them. But for my Blog, I won’t be focusing on just makeup and hair. I want to write about anything I want to share with you. Also let me know what products out there you want me to review and test out.

As always, thank you for your love and support xo


LOVE, Fritzie


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