As a Beauty Influencer I get invited to most events just like this one hosted by NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP.  This company is very close to my heart, because when I was just starting out my social media career, they were the first ones who supported my makeup journey, and now I am an Ambassador which is so awesome! I never thought in a million years that I would be working with them. Such a dream come true!

So usually when I go to makeup events, I bring my boyfriend Arjay, just because I feel more comfortable for him to be around, especially theres so many people that attend these events, you just don’t know if you’re going to bump into someone you can talk to all night or just be a loner. But as I attend more and more of these events, I was able to make friends along the way, and we pretty much go to the same events so its always fun to see familiar faces so that really makes it a lot easier. NYX’s Team who I ADORE on the other hand, makes you feel at home so I don’t really have to worry about attending their events alone and they are really so much fun to be with.

I was having so much fun that I didn’t really take that much photos with friends, but here are some photos.IMG_5828IMG_5155IMG_5777IMG_5969IMG_7102

Anyway, It was a pool party!! thats always fun, but I had a full face on and I didn’t bring a swim suit so I just stayed glam lol. Here are the photos from the NYX pool party at the W Hotel in Hollywood.

I really wish that I took more photos, but I wanted to live in the moment. I really had fun at this event and everything was so cute..and OMGSH the goodie bags!!!! I LIVE for them!

If you want to see the new NYX Professional Makeup  beauty drop fall 2017 collection then click on this link NYX FALL 2017 collection





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