OH HEY!!!! Here is another fun party I attended with Arjay. Its the TARTE friends and family pool party! And WOOOWW!! another event where I didn’t really take pictures ugh! Tarte definitely knows how to throw a party. It was so well put together and the details when it comes to food, goodies, and decorations was over the top! Last time I attended  a TARTE party was about 3 years ago when they hosted a yoga party. Now that was very interesting because at the time, I just started my #FritziesFitJourney  So free work out tips from a celebrity trainer Ashley Borden @ashleybordenfitness was definitely a plus!

Anyway, It was definitely way over due for another meet up with the TARTE FAM. I love seeing Jen who is part of the Tarte team. She was the one who reached out to me when they first started the Tarte instagram and only one who I  knew that was part of the team. Now the Tarte team grew and it was such a pleasure meeting all the lovely ladies from Tarte.

They threw this party in celebration of the 25% OFF friends and family sale, that they have been hosting on their website for as long as I can remember. But this time, It was pretty much the whole entire website that was on sale. So If you missed out dont worry, Im sure there will be another one.

Here are some pics that I took from the event. Enjoy!

this is what you’ll see right when you walk in. GOODIES!!IMG_4185.JPG


My forever date @Arjay1IMG_5964.JPG


this was actually toward the end of the party.. I gotta get a water pic right? and so I can show off my highlight. click here to see details INSTAGRAM IMG_5955.JPG

OH JEN! can you believe that shes preggo? shes glowing @jentarteIMG_5963.JPG


lovely ladies from @gildbeautybar @makeupbybritannym and @julie_swendimanIMG_5952.PNG


Me wearing the swimsuit I bought the same morning from Target…I was hesitant to buy it but I got so many compliments..it was on clearance and the only one left and lucky me, it was my size! wooot wooot!FullSizeRender.jpg

I love a party with FOOOOD!FullSizeRender 3.jpg


We were on the roof top of the Standard hotel in LA so it was extremely HOT HOT HOT! so when it cooled down, Arjay and I finally decided to chill by the pool side lol.FullSizeRender 2.jpg


IMG_5969 copy.JPG


they were giving away that bicycle..too bad i didnt win, but my friend @makeupbygriselda did so yay! congrats to her!FullSizeRender 4.jpg

And this was such a big fail! I honestly thought that it was a hard surface, so I jumped on it!! little did i know it was a waterbed so I almost landed on my face. good thing i didnt though because the sheets were white HAHAH last thing I want is for my whole face to transfer to the sheets LMAO.IMG_5966.PNG

The END.

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Love, Fritzie


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