Flutterlashes NEW Releases

Flutter lashes specializes in mink lashes. I’ve Been wearing their lashes for a few years now because I love how it makes my eyes look. The lashes doesn’t feel heavy on my lids when they are on. They are a bit pricey but considering the quality and the longevity these have, I think they are worth it. At first you might find the band a little stiff but that’s normal for any new pair of strip lashes. I like to break them in by wiggling or bending the band back and forth or wrapping it around my finger a few times till it softens up, and they are good to go.

They have a good variety of styles. Wether you have almond shaped eyes or a wide set, there’s a pair that will suit your eye shape.

So anyway, I recently got a PR package from flutter lashes containing their new releases. I am so proud of them, how far they’ve come. They came out with a lash box where you can show case all your favorite flutter lashes, a mirrored lash case for on the go, which I am a big fan of since I’m always on the go, and candy inspired collection that consist of 3 new mink lashes.

This is the New ACRYLIC LASH BOX from flutter lashes. The top compartment can pretty much hold anything like, lash glue, tweezers, and more lashes. It retails for $24.95

FullSizeRender 8.jpg

And the bottom three compartments can hold up to 18 pairs of lashes.FullSizeRender 6.jpg

The Measurements for the lash box : 5.75″ Length x 3.5″ High x 5.5″ Wide. It’s honestly not that big so you can place it anywhere on top of your vanity or inside a drawer. But personally I’m going to place it right on top of my makeup table so I can easily see which lashes I’m going to wear.

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 5.25.34 PM.png


Now lets move on to the MIRRORED LASH CASE. It retails for $7.95 and it holds up to 3 lashes. I always have a lash case with me no matter where I go because you just don’t know if you’re going to need lashes and when you do have lashes on, you want to be able to  put your precious lashes in a safe place rather than sticking them on your phone or a water bottle in your car. lol. The feel and design of this case is very nice and chic but the only thing I didn’t like is that since its so slim, there is no room for glue and a tweezer. So that means I’m going to have to put it in a separate bag.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

I’m also big on the mirrors.. not just with the cases also for any makeup palettes. The mirror in this case has a really good quality. A bad mirror for me is when your reflection gets distorted to the point you get dizzy by just looking at it, and  it feels like cheap plastic. So Yay for the mirror! I know ill be able to use it for anything.


These are the NEW CANDY LASH collection by flutterlashes. It comes in all 3 styles for $28.95 which is pretty good considering a pair of their mink lashes ranges from $29.95 – $39.95.

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

I also love it when you click on a pair of lashes from their website, it will show you specific description about the lash. It shows the density, length, and what kind of eye shape it will suit best which is very important especially if its your first time purchasing  a certain style.

FullSizeRender 2.jpgFullSizeRender 3.jpgFullSizeRender 4.jpg

you can definitely check out their website for more, FLUTTERLASHES

I hope this was helpful to you. If you have any other questions about it, please feel free to leave me a comment down below. Thank you so much!





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